16 x 20 Shed Plans

You’re fortunate if you have a space that’s good enough for a large garden shed. Perhaps, you might want to check out 16×16 or 16×20 shed plans, depending on the purpose of your shed. You’d be glad to know that the bigger the shed, the more versatile its function and design. Styles of sheds are usually determined by their roof designs.

If a single gable shed is too simple for you, you can try a shed with a cross-gabled roof. This has two gable roof sections joined together to form a right angle and their ridges form a perpendicular line. The best designs to go with this are those of the Tudor and Cape Cod structures. You can have a higher roof and place a loft or an attic right below – a feature that would surely look good in a large shed.

16×20 shed plans may also specify a mansard, because it also looks best in a spacious structure. This French roof or shed style became popular around the 1600s. Two different slopes on each of the four sides compose a mansard roof. A steep pitch characterizes its lower portion, while its upper portion is made with a low slope. You might want to have dormers or a loft to add more style to your shed if you’re choosing a mansard. This style, however, is not advisable for sheds in areas that experience heavy snowfall as its low slope easily causes snow buildup.

In contrast to the mansard, the gambrel shed has two different slopes on each of its two symmetrical sides, not on all four. A steep pitch is made on the bottom slope, while the top slope is nearly vertical. You can find many 16×20 shed plans with this style, because its unique roof is accentuated when rendered in a big structure. If you’ll be building this type of shed, sliding doors with transom would be a great functional feature.

You may also chance upon bonnet roof designs in 16×20 shed plans. Although not a popular style, bonnet roofs have reasonable functions for sheds. It has two slopes on all four sides, with the upper slope having a steep pitch and the bottom slope, a lower pitch. The bottom slope is usually made as a shelter from the rain or the sun as it is designed as hanging over an open-sided portion of the structure.

If you’ve got the outdoor area for a spacious shed, these are the styles that would definitely look best. The size of your shed would bring out the beauty of the roof designs, making your shed not just a functional but also an aesthetic factor in your lot.
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