6 x 6 Shed Plans

If you’re planning to put up a garden shed in your backyard, but you only have a small space left, it doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with a plain structure of sidings and a roof. With a little creativity and planning, you can still have a charming annex to your house. You might want to start by looking at 6×8 or 6×6 shed plans, which are two good-sized sheds for a small outdoor area.

You shouldn’t underestimate a small shed, because you’ll be surprised with its versatility. It’s just a matter of maximizing the space with the proper design and materials and you’ll have a shed that’s very functional, as well as stylish.

Small sheds like those drawn in 6×8 or 6×6 shed plans are usually used as storage sheds for gardening or other household tools. It would have customized shelves, cabinets, drawers, pegboards, and other organizers for your shears, garden hose, drills, nails, and screws, as well as mowers and rakes. Aside from keeping your tools, storage sheds like this can also be a good way to shelter your firewood from the rain and snow. Storage sheds can be constructed in a stand-alone or a lean-to design. Most houses that have a really limited outdoor space would have the latter.

6×6 shed plans would also look good as a corner shed. While it is space-saving for your garden, it could also be beneficial for you in terms of style. Corner structures generally draw unique design concepts. For instance, you can even build it with French windows and make it into a cozy conservatory. You can also place vines and flowers to make it like a pleasant corner cottage.

A Japanese-inspired garden shed would also work well in a small space. Some 6×8 or 6×6 shed plans bear a minimalist design, because such a design provides a clean structure and finish and also makes the space well-ventilated, even though it’s relatively small. Complete the look with bamboo and other Oriental plants. Instead of making it a storage shed, you can make it into a charming tea room or just a garden room where you can sip your favorite drink and relax. Or, if all you need is a desk and a chair plus some built-in shelves for an office, you can do your paperwork here.

There are many other designs and functions you can do with a small shed. You definitely don’t need a huge space to have an extra room for storage, relaxation, or work in your backyard. All it takes are just a little space and a big imagination.
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